What Online Reputation Management Tactics Can’t Do for Your Brand?

Have you made any new brand purchases this month? Did you try out a new online shopping site or skincare product? If yes, chances are you have researched about the same. And other than the news articles and product information, you have delved deeply into the customer reviews and testimonials. It always helps to know what your fellow customer is thinking about a product that you wish to purchase. Good reviews signify a good brand reputation and vice versa. Hence, brands and online business companies need to invest in online reputation management (ORM) tactics.

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But before you invest in one company, it is essential to have a practical understanding of ORM. Simply put, ORM is all about managing the buzz that exists around your product and company. Sometimes, it’s also about creating the buzz so that you can encourage the users to think a certain way about your brand. A smart ORM strategy can help your brand to stay on par with your competitors and enjoy better online visibility and business credibility. But there are a few things that it can’t do for you. They are:


  • It can’t transform the right product into a wrong product


When a customer complains about a faulty or wrong product, as a brand, you can address that negative review by ensuring you provide a good product in exchange. You can even take the feedback to enhance your future goods that are about to get manufactured. But if there’s a problem in the raw materials you use and the manufacturing process that provides substandard products, chances are you will get the negative review again until you correct what going wrong right at the root.


  • It can’t cover up irresponsible online PR strategies


Every brand today has its set of PR strategies to follow. Effective online PR contributes to good ORM. For instance, a press release that’s packed with useful facts and quotes will always provide the users with the right information. However, if the facts are wrong and the sentence construction is incorrect, then the user will get disappointed. You might plan another PR story about your brand. But if your PR team is negligent and continues to make silly errors, consistent ORM strategies will not work for you.


  • It can’t replace a complacent attitude


It is a fall out of the previous point! For instance, your customer care team spoke to a customer and asked for a review. The executive needs to send the link for review submission instantly. If there’s a delay or the executive forgot about it, then the customer, too, will forget about posting a review. Chances are he/she will write about this complacent attitude in social media, and that will get you a bad name.

ORM is a process to accentuate your brand name and activities, provided you are doing the basics correctly. It can’t cover up your flaws if you are not turning them into your strengths.

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