What is Pillar Page and Why is it Important for SEO?

Do you Know What A Pillar Page is?

If yes, then it is great, but if not, then you should surely get your hand on this blog. As the content and SEO strategy go hand in hand, it is better to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the Pillar Page.

In order to give users specific results and reach out to a large number of audience, it is better if you create a pillar page. This page is usually referred to as the topic cluster, as it covers all the essential topics under one umbrella.

Though it is an extended form of a blog, it still focuses on providing hyperlinks to relevant and most searched keywords that offer the readers a sufficient reading to understand the concepts.

For example, you might write a page about content marketing that is a broad topic to cover, so adding a piece of clusters about keyword research, blogging, etc. can help the reader to click on it and divert to a new page with its complete knowledge. In order to tap more visitors, one should have the expertise to create these particular pillar pages.

How to Create A Pillar Page?

Audience interest should be the focal point of your work. And in order to do so, you have to stop thinking about the ‘keywords’ you want to target, and start thinking about the ‘topics’ you want to rank first. Pick out the exciting and challenging topics and then brainstorm that particular idea to generate specific keywords to land up to the broader topic.

It is better to choose a broad topic as it can help you add endless hyperlinks and generate more blog posts that, in turn, will serve as cluster content. But keep in mind that the topic should not be so wide that you won’t be able to fit in the relevant details in a single pillar page.

For example, a topic like ‘Social Media’ can be too extensive to cover in one page, but when it comes to ‘Instagram Marketing,’ it is a topic that can easily fit-in in a single pillar page with required cluster topics that can create a comprehensive pillar page.

Pillar pages should be designed in such a way that it should answer all the queries a searcher might be looking for. They might be looking for a topic, and if you have included the same on your pillar page, it will eventually increase the visibility and reach of your page. These not only include the effort of the writers but also requires the best SEO services to rank high in the search engine.

Why is Pillar Page important for SEO?

  1. Because it aims at providing precisely what searchers are looking for.

If you are aware of what your customers are looking for, then you are going in the right direction. Creating a pillar page with endless cluster topics should not be the agenda. The aim should add to those relevant topics that not only match your content but is also frequently searched by the searcher.

This will make it easy for Google to show the users what they are looking for and help in resolving their queries. By providing accurate information to the users, it not only increases the reach of your pillar page but also helps you in grasping out to a large number of audience. So, it is better to keep your audience in mind, as this your pillar page will rank high on the SEO.

  1. Because it helps in reaching out to a large number of audience.

What is the work of search engine optimization? For whom do you try reaching on top of the search engine? Why do you create creative and engaging content? All of this stands for a single answer – YOUR AUDIENCE. Pillar pages, by creating relevant content along with the cluster topic hyperlinks, helps in attracting a large number of audiences to its page.

Strive on long-tail keywords that have less competition, as this will improve you in being the top link in the Google ranking. Thus by creating a success-driven content and SEO strategy, you can reach on top of the search engine and enlarge your visibility. This will not only help you in standing out of the rest but also gaining endless internal links that earn you more leads.

  1. Because it helps in gaining more internal links.

If you wish to rank on top of the search engine, then gaining internal links can act as a cherry on top. It helps the audience to connect with your content and provide Google with an idea of your website.

Boost your older pages or land your visitors to new blog posts by creating specific internal links. In an internal building as well, it is very crucial to understand the perspective of the audience and what they are looking for.

So, in order to rank your page or website, it needs to have internal links. It does not help the reader to navigate easily through your website but also gives them an in-depth knowledge of what they were looking for. This increases the ranking power of the website and helps you reach out to millions.

As the nature of audience search is changing, the experts must remain advanced with their SEO services. You can either think the users are lazy or specific when it comes to searching for their queries. They, without wasting any time, type in and click on exactly what they are looking for – a trend that is increasing due to voice-activated research.

This drastic change in the search behavior profoundly influenced the marketers to optimize their content in a creative and innovative manner. Pillar Pages helps in creating these contents in an organized and systemized manner, along with targeted keywords and relevant hyperlinks. This will eventually help in ranking your website on top of the search engine and attracting a large number of audience.

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