SEO in 2019 – 5 Must Considered Strategy This Year

Are You looking for the Best strategy of SEO in 2019? Or finding the latest SEO trends in 2019? If yes! You have come to the valid place. Here we have told the vital SEO trends which are most considered factors by search engines. Let’s see the article and know about these factors from this article.

SEO tricks and tips changes almost every year as search engines regularly update their algorithms. That is why the way of analysis with your site is considered different every time. People rarely know the current trend and strategy of SEO which the search engines are studying. And this is the reason that many businesses lag behind in spite of having sufficient and demanding matters on their website.

Let’s see the latest SEO trends of 2019 from this blog and apply all these strategies in your website to get the best result.

#1 Mobile First Indexing

The ‘term Mobile First Indexing’ itself means that Google will prioritize the website for indexing which are using the mobile version content and designs in their website. More and more users are migrating towards Mobile device every year. So, you should worry if your website is not user-friendly. Create Accelerated Mobile Pages and make your site responsive so that it works for both- Mobile devices and desktop also. The responsive design also gets you a better user experience which in turn provide you the ranking benefit as well.
Thus, start your site’s optimization with Mobile First Indexing views and create AMP and for better user experience.

#2  Voice Search Optimization

The way of user’s search online is changing. Most of the users are opting voice search for an online query. Apple started this trend as SIRI and it became best friends of all iPhone users and After it, Google voice search gained a lot of users. Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa and Yandex are also examples of voice search. However, from 2018, the increase in Voice search has gained a peak as never before and it is estimated that voice searches will acquire 50% of all users by the coming years.
So, the the SEO trend of 2019 holds the consideration of Voice Search Optimization for your online business.

#3 User Experience Design

As told above, the user experience is everything when you are pursuing online Marketing for any business, product or service. If the user is happy, the search engine will also be happy with you. People learn about your business from your website. User experience signal from Google was enormous in 2018 and it is expected to increase in 2019. In fact, Google itself had announced that RankBrain was their 3rd ranking factor in 2018. So,start working on User Experience. Create a user-friendly website and optimize your website with its heading, tag and clear navigation menu so that user find your website too smooth and easy to use and user experience of your website increases.

 #4 Quality Content Creation

Content represents your business, website, service or product whatever you are branding online. Either it is SEO, SEM or any other strategy, it has the same importance everywhere. Your content has to be better and it must stand out striking the chord of the audience. Quality content is the soul of any website or online business.
So, start working on your website content and make it awesome so that it stands out. Avoid keyword stuffing and remove if any content already has it. Create content according to the customers. Create a buyer’s journey model and create high quality and personalized content using buyer personas.

#5 Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is another most important SEO strategy in 2019. It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. And now it’s not only about security measures but it is also an SEO trend of 2019. Even Google has declared that the sites which do not have an SSL certificate or HTTPS link will be considered as non-secure. 82% of respondents have claimed that they leave a website that does not have a secure connection or SSL certificate. This leads to increase bounce rate of any website and it has definitely a bad effect of SEO and ranking as Google consider it as a severe issue.

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So far, we have discussed here the must-considered SEO strategies of 2019.These top 5 strategies have their own importance and most critical SEO trend in 2019. Apply these techniques in your online business in the starting of 2019 so that you can avoid any penalty or discomfort when search changes its algorithm.
If you seem to have any query or issue related to the above topics, you can ask your queries in the comment section below, the experts form the best digital marketing company will get back to you!. We would love to answer your queries. All The Best!

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