Importance of Content Marketing For Your Business

With the increased internet penetration through the web and mobile devices over the years, and the evolution of informative media has changed the manner in which consumers receive information. These changes in information consumption trends have given rise to the field of ‘content marketing’.

Coming up as a great field of concern for businesses, content marketing today plays an integral part in defining your business development strategies. Content writing services are often undervalued as an SEO support but, they play a major role in shaping your strategic marketing approach, and thus your business growth.

So, here we bring you the importance of content marketing for your business from different perspectives, including – Customer Reach & Strategic Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Importance of Content Marketing for Customer Reach & Strategic Marketing

Owing to the increased internet penetration, prospects today have developed a strong resistance towards ‘hard sell’ strategies and believe in individual research over the internet before making a purchase. Both B2B or B2C customers believe in making their choices based on informative content instead of conventional direct promotional advertisements. Thus, hinting the demand for good content writing services.

As we go by the statistics, it says – 

The need for productive content writing services has increased significantly as 70% of consumers believe in services or businesses that they have read through articles instead of promotional advertisements.

A Roper Survey of business decision makers reported 80% of customers make their buying decisions based on articles or informative blogs. This hint you a need for a professional content writing agency.

By employing content writing services from a capable content writing agency, you can improve your customer reach as the Roper Survey of business decision makers reported 70% of consumers feel getting close to the sponsoring company from a good content.

A recent survey conducted on 600 senior marketing professionals, state that 29.6% of them believe content writing services are one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Importance of SEO Content Writing

Content marketing is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Consumers prefer search engines like Google to search for solutions and proper SEO can help you to earn top spots on the search engines. However, with the regular crawling of the Search Engine results, you need to refresh your content regularly so as to hold your top spots on them. For this, you require regular SEO content writing services.

With this, the content writing service provider you hire should provide you content that is valuable, relevant, consistent, and SEO-specific without being ‘spammy’ or ‘overly optimized’ with excess use of the same keywords.

The statistics clearly define the importance of content marketing for your business. So, if you wish to hire a content writing agency or avail content writing services at cost-effective prices, you can connect with SEO Pickle at [email protected].

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