How to attain SEO success for Multilingual Website?

Why you should have a multilingual website?

Your website is no less than a virtual office for your business. How it appears and what you present here reflects your professionalism, class and functional efficiency. Therefore, it is important to make it user-friendly. For ensuring that every visitor gets your intended message, it is vital to present your content in their local language. Remember that you cannot target multiple countries with English-only content. If you want to expand into new markets, and get visitors and customers from multiple countries, you must translate your content into different popular languages.

Reduces bounce rate

Managing a multilingual website is not easy at all. But with professionally translated content and multilingual SEO, you can manage to get the highest place in different search engine result pages. For boosting your SEO and lowering the bounce rate, it is essential that the visitors find your content engaging. How can you communicate your intended message to the foreign markets, if they don’t understand your language?  Therefore, if you want the prospective clients to become loyal ones, you have to translate your content into the local language of different foreign markets. When visitors from different regions find your website perfectly tailored and trans created as per their language and cultural preferences, they will tend to browse different pages and explore more about your business. Consequently, the bounce rate will be significantly reduced. The lower bounce rate will boost your ranking in Google. Hence, translation is critically important for improved SEO.

Boosts conversions

Translation of your digital assets into a language easily understandable by the target markets will impact your business positively.  It is strongly recommended to make your website available in at least 15 widely used languages for becoming a globally recognized name.  Translating your online profile into the language of the target market will impact your business positively. The better international visitors understand your services, the more are the chances that they will make a purchase. If you want to increase your sales, the most effective thing to do in this regard is the translation of the content into the language of target markets. It will not only increase the dwell time but also make the visitors realize that you are making efforts for them. It will add to your value and credibility which can give an instant boost to your rate of conversions.  So if you aim to enhance your sales and convert more of your visitors into customers, it is vital to hire a professional agency for multilingual SEO translation.

Significance of SEO

Once you decide to make your website multilingual, it is crucial to take care of SEO for becoming a recognized name all over the world. The major purpose of search engine optimization is to enhance your online visibly. In this day and age of digitalization, a successful company is the one which is on the top of search engine result page. If you want to separate your business from the competition, and stay on top of the mind of your target markets, you must make sure you enjoy high ranking on Google and other popular search engines. For this purpose, you will have to adopt smart SEO strategies.

Secrets for Successful SEO

Here are a few helpful and practical tips that can help you to attain SEO success for your multilingual website.

Customized Keyword Research

The first and most significant step to find the potential markets and determine competition level is the extensive keyword research. If you think that a simple translation of the keyword would work, you are mistaken. Different words are used in different languages for the same thing. To make sure you don’t miss out on any part of the potential market, it is essential to find out the most suitable keywords, and optimize your site accordingly. If you want to get high ranking on search engine result pages, you must conduct customized keyword research for each of the desired languages. You will have to optimize each language version exclusively in order to attain high visibility. Instead of translating the keywords, do your research and find relevant ones in the desired language. In order to get the best results for tailored keyword research in multiple languages, you must consider hiring a specialized agency.

Target appropriate Search Engines

Google proudly stands among the most famous search engines in the world. But, you must remember that it is not the only one. There are many regions of the globe where some other search engines are more popular.  For instance, Japanese often prefer to use Yahoo, Chinese use Baidu, Russians use Yandex and South Koreans prefer Naver. For gaining SEO success for your website, it is essentially important that you become familiar with multiple search engines’ nuances.

For instance, if you are targeting Yahoo, you should know that it favors a bit higher density of keywords. Unlike Google, it prefers about 7-8 percent keyword density. So if you are aiming to target Yahoo, you may have to include some more keywords in your web-pages and send them to suitable directories.

Similarly, Baidu places significantly high weight to meta-tags while it doesn’t value the inbound links much. Besides, it favors alt texts and customized image titles. You might already know that the crawlers of Baidu are not as strong as that of Google’s. So, if you are planning to target China through Baidu, you should make efforts to place your most valuable content in the titles and top sections of the web-pages. Here it is also important to mention that unlike Google which prefers quality links from authoritative sites, Baidu values quantity, and hence low-ranking website driven links can also improve your ranking for the Chinese market.

Likewise, other search engines have their own priorities and you must know about them to make the changes accordingly for targeting them effectively.

Multilingual Link-Building

The multilingual link-building is also crucial to climbing up the result pages of different search engines. Ideally, you must begin with hitting web directories of each target country. For those who are dealing in competitive niches, increased number of back-links are needed.

The link building process is more or less the same in different languages. The more unique and high-quality links you target, the better you will be ranked by different search engines. Along with appropriate language, you should make sure that the links are:

  • Incorporated naturally
  • From respected and authoritative sites
  • Relevant

The international link-building campaign can be highly effective for marketing of your website and it can give a boost to your SEO.

Final Verdict

Transforming your website into a multilingual one is crucial to go global. In order to cater to the non-English speaking customers, you have to translate your content into their preferred language. And for improving the online visibility of your multilingual website, you need a strategic SEO approach for which you must hire a certified and experienced agency.

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