Scaling dizzying heights like a chartbuster song on page one of Google without a website is no cake walk, it’s all the more challenging if you are in the restaurant business, an area in which competition, innovation and the ability to grab the eye and minds of foodies matters supremely.

Having a website for your restaurant and syncing it with all things SEO surely empowers your business greatly but if you have to promote your restaurant without a website for some reason, it can also be achieved through various means. For instance, tools like off-page SEO, a mode to optimise your restaurant’s online and offline presence can do wonders to your business.

The result of such endeavours are a boost in visibility, brand recalling, acing search rankings and creating a positive image. If you adhere to the basic guidelines that are the hallmarks of high ranking pages on Google and combine them with some smart steps given below, you are sure to ace the game.

Basic Essentials to Effectively Zoom on Top of Google Page One

Like other fields and areas that turn to Google to build business, you need to take appropriate steps to go high on the search page engines. Right keyword research is a very important tool that acts as a guiding signpost that steers your enterprise in the right direction. For instance, how would you know that customers who are in your vicinity are likely to type restaurants near me, places to eat near me, restaurants near my area, etc. which can show them the name of your restaurant? Incorporating the right keywords like these will surely increase footfalls in your restaurant.

Explore the Impact of Google My Business

Stop fretting over the pressure of having a website that climbs the top of Google. Move smart and go to Google My Business, which is in sync with Google Maps. Google My Business can build any business, including your restaurant’s and attract an ever increasing number of customers consistently.

To exploit the benefits of Google My Business, you first need to get your business listed on Google Maps. Once your restaurant is listed with Google Maps, your Google My Business listing in all probability will be generated by itself.

You can modify and update details of your restaurant business in various sections that also allow you to upload images. Reviews is another segment which can help you score high as it furnishes first-hand views of customers who have really visited your restaurant and are excited to tell the truth.

The Google reviews play a key role in enhancing your visibility on Google. The Google reviews are designed to become a part of the Google Business listing, which will play an instrumental role in being seen positively by customers and also increase chances of your business in being seen on Google.

google my business reviews

The Power of Social Media Marketing and Off-page Optimisation

So, you are not keen on making a website for your restaurant for whatsoever reason that ranks high and yet wish to feature on Google’s Page 1, turn social media. No sweat. Go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms with an aim to making your restaurant  feature as that will take you on Google’s Page 1.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the level of marketing that is done through social media and the influence it holds is growing exponentially.  Most people who own smartphones in today’s age use social media for personal as well as professional purposes.

It’s like information now is literally on the fingertips of people. You can create posts, pages and features that can be uploaded on these tools, which people can view from close quarters. It will definitely work as it will increase your restaurant’s visibility.

The presence of your restaurant on social media, which acts as a powerful marketing tool in this age, will surely nail it for you even without you being on a website. Buzzwords like optimisation that are the order of the day now need not sound overwhelming as you have chosen not to create a website.

Consider off-page optimisation for your restaurant as it is, in simple words, all about making appropriate use of content, relationships, links and more to attract customers and search engine crawl bots which will surely take your restaurant business places.

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