How Buying Links Can Affect Your Off Page SEO

To get into the detailed study and research about what and in how many ways does link building impact the overall SEO score, we first need to understand separately what off-page SEO is and what exactly is link building?

Let us begin with understanding Off-Page SEO?

All the techniques, steps and strategies that go into pushing a website’s rank to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) comes under Off-Page SEO. Basically SEO helps improvise the position of a website. People running websites adopt various paid and unpaid methods to do so.

A few activities that Off Page SEO does for taking your website to the next level is by pushing its rank upwards. Off-page SEO does the activities that can perform beyond the boundaries of the website.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building

Now, getting to link building!

Link Building

It is the process through which you popularize your brand via the help of other blogs or other websites. Link building involves attaining hyperlinks/links.

However, there are plenty of link building strategies that promise best results but the best way is through getting quality back link form reputed websites that have good website traffic. This definitely sounds a good strategy but does not help websites that are totally new and want to get instant traffic with the help of link building.

Everybody these days is in a hurry to shoot up their website’s position no matter how, if they have just started the website and can be totally new in the game but their unrealistic expectations are too much to ever get fulfilled. Where sometimes organically the links are attained but at times they are have to be purchased.

Link purchasing comes under black hat SEO now but people still practice it and so let us take you through the trip which will explain what practices are good and what must be totally avoided!

Building Links with the Help of Various Approaches

What is the difference between good link and bad link buying?

The quality of the links does not solely depend upon the website from which you are getting a backlink but also depends on the ways through which you are getting the backlink.

Making irrelevant comments in forums blogs and along with it mentioning your website link

To begin with not all comments that you make on groups, pages, blogs or forums are approved. Many times it gets rejected or goes unapproved and you might even get blocked. However, not at all times you face the rejection as many a times websites leave such messages ignored and in the rarest cases you get negligible traffic.

Connecting your website to sites which provides poor quality backlinks by spamming

Innumerable options available on the internet that provides links like this, mainly this type of bulk link building is done by the business owners as they expect instant traffic on their website being unaware that this might totally damage their reputation and like this the website might get penalty from Google and even get indexed.

It is not that every time you build 100 links your website will shoot up to the top of the SERP but Google algorithms keeps a check on the various activities your website is performing and suddenly getting these many spam links, your website will get blocked and you will become liable to pay penalty.

Slow and steady wins the race, this stands true in all situations of life, and in digital marketing too you have to believe in this mantra and carry on.

  • The other approach to get valuable links is through genuine link building.
  • Getting traffic by making guest posts on websites with good domain authority, ALEXA rank and that website that obviously has some good traffic on its websites.
  • Posting only on websites that are relevant. For example, if you are selling furniture then the website from which you are getting backlink must also be dealing with home products reviews or something related to home and household products.


Good keyword does the trick like nothing else. Use high ranking keywords and according to your particular websites keyword strategy.

Videos and Article Submission

Using video and article marketing to get quality backlinks as that also helps popularize your brand and traffic that you will get will be solely dependent on what kind of content or information you are providing to the visitors of other websites. Good content will definitely increase the chances of your website to get decent traffic.

What Google Say on Link Building

With time various techniques, approaches have been used to successfully run the search engines which is why they experiment with the different techniques.

 How Link Building Helps Building Businesses

Get the required attention for your website by getting high-quality links that will point towards your particular website and will increase the chances of your website of becoming a prominent brand name.


SEO plays the most crucial role in fetching your website a good rank in the SERPs and that too organically. Although the means to do so are limited and the results show up slow but it is worth the wait. Market your brand, build its reputation, market your website to the people, gain attention, reputation and attain the top position in the search engine results. Even after following the basic Google guidelines if you are not getting the desired results than you can check for the shortcomings on SeoSiteCheckup

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