Give Your Website an SEO Health Check in 10 Simple Steps

Are you trying it hard to earn the top positions in search engine page results (SERPs), but still failing to achieve the desired search engine rankings? Well, SEO today has become more crucial and complex a task than it was a few years ago.

With the long search queries and regular algorithm updates on search engines, you need an extensive SEO health check and performance tuning for your site to earn the desired search engine rankings for your business. Here is where the role of a professional SEO company comes into the picture.

Performing an SEO Health Check

Ranging from keyword optimization, content update, URL structuring, to analytics and performance tuning, there are various areas that you need to pay attention to for performing an SEO health check. According to the expert Digital marketing companies, an SEO health check can be performed by following these 10 steps:

1) URL Structure: An ideal URL structure doesn’t contain repetitive words and is generally maintained short, simple and keyword specific, so as to make the content update an intuitive process if required at a later stage. A professional SEO company can help you do it.

2) Alt Tags: Image files cannot be seen by the search engine, for which you need to create descriptive alt tags to be read by search engines.

3) Meta Data: Meta tags contain your core website information and tell users what it is about. A digital marketing company can help you create unique keyword specific Meta tags for web page optimization. Other than improving your SEO rankings the Meta tags give users the required information of your site through the organic listing.

4) H1, H2, H3: In order to optimize your web pages you need to make sure that you define your H1, H2, H3 tags appropriately as it is the way search engine reads your website. The H1, H2, H3 tags describe the heading and subheadings.

5) Backlinks: A professional SEO company can help you optimize your backlinks by reviewing the various external sites linked to your website. You need to make sure these external sites are credible and have prominent rankings.

6) Internal Links: The digital marketing company you hire can work in coordination with your web design team to create appropriate internal link network between your website pages so as to improve your rankings for various keywords.

7) Site Load Speed and Analysis of User Experience: You need to review your website load speed on different browsers and devices. With this, you need to optimize your website for reducing the load time. Search Engine analytics can be employed to analyze bounce rate and user journey based on which the concerned pages can be optimized.

8) Content Quality Optimization: You have to make sure that there is no content duplication; your content is SEO-specific, relevant, and productive. You can avail cost-effective content writing services from any SEO company in Jaipur.

9) Compatibility with Mobile Devices: According to the Google norms, your website design should be particularly responsive and compatible with the native functionalities of various mobile devices.

10) Location-Based Keyword Optimization: Set up your Google My Business Page to enlist your business on Google in top searches through local keyword trends.

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