Seven Digital Marketing Trends to take your Business to New Heights

This is the best of times and this is the toughest of times for residents in the digital era, where digital marketing trends and acumen can make or break your business. Each passing day brings with it a flurry of changes in the digital sphere that comprises content marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and more. It also comes with the realisation that proficiency in these areas are now a must, and no business can even entertain the thought of overlooking them if it wants to stay afloat in today’s competitive world.

The ability to be agile enough to match the pace of the continually evolving digital marketing trends and strategies are essential in today’s business environment. Being aware of the fact that what you have mastered now may not be so relevant in the coming times and that you need to upgrade yourself continually to learn new patterns of digital marketing trends is what will see you through.

Here are seven key digital marketing trends that you need to master right away to sail though:


1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast making its presence felt in the digital world and is also poised to transform several walks of life in the coming times. AI is able to read the mind of the market and consumer behaviour that gives businesses a vital glimpse into what they need to do to score big. It has an admirable knack of analysing data from social media platforms, blog posts and several other sources which enable businesses to learn what customers seek, which helps them craft their products and services accordingly. It goes without saying that those looking to make a mark in business in these times have to set their eyes on AI.


2) Influencer Marketing

Our dependency on technology may be shooting through the roof but we cannot ignore the influence of human touch ever. Influencer marketing acts as a foil to technology, in that it encompasses the efforts and power of influencers- human beings who are treated as larger-than-life such as powerful leaders, celebrities, social media sensations, major think tanks and those who captivate the public. The role of influencers is very important as they command respect and are trusted by users and consumers, so whatever they talk about gains a positive image in the minds of the audience, which helps companies turn patching into sales.


3) Personalisation (Personalised content)

Personalisation, a.k.a. personalised content, is what makes a customer feel special. As the term suggests, personalisation is essentially about delivering experiences based on the likes and preferences of customers. It caters to what the customer is looking for precisely and eliminates needless elements by mapping consumer behaviour, purchase history and interest areas to access vital details. It leads to concerns that are being raised very commonly now, that of privacy hence the challenge here is to avoid coming across as too snoopy and yet deliver what the customer likes.


4) Chatbots

Chatbots are fast gaining recognition as a prominent digital marketing trend today. Created as an instant messaging system that communicates seamlessly yielding flawless results, it is about allowing customers to communicate with them though chatting in real time, thereby saving time. Chatbots are able to solve queries promptly, patiently and provide required information as and when required, thereby eliminating the limitations of human intervention and flaws. Chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks besides seeking information, which makes life easier.


5) Social Media

Social media facilitates seamless communication and instant connectivity between tens of billions of people. It has gone belong personal communication now as social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube and others are really smoothing the process of connecting with customers and building business on account of easy accessibility, visibility and reasonableness.


6) Video

The power of seeing, understanding and learning that goes beyond just reading and listening is now like a universal truth. Making videos that deliver by captivating the viewers and turning effort into sales is now reality. Platforms like YouTube, mobile video viewing and several others that facilitate making and sharing videos and transmitting information through them are growing at breakneck speed. Adapting to them is sure to be a winning formula that your business has been waiting for all along.


7) Visual Search

A new manifestation of ‘search engine’ that allows you to find information by simply uploading an image of the concerned object is becoming very popular now. You no longer need to struggle for finding information by typing and describing whatever you are probing. Visual search thus comes to your rescue effortlessly and simplifies the entire process of searching.

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