Convert your Website Traffic into Valuable Leads. Here’s How!

Capturing the mind of the unpredictable customer who’s already distracted by a host of advertisements by a bevy of brands is a major challenge in today’s world. No matter how hard you work to get customers to focus on your brand, there’s always competition breathing down your neck.

The advent of the Internet has only fuelled this phenomenon. Who’d know it better than you if you have your own business, which is your passion, and you couldn’t be more committed to see it prosper? Well, since the action now is out there on the Internet, a powerful website that grabs the attention of the customer and consequently turns into inbound sales calls would be instrumental in helping you achieve it.

It’s time you figure out how you can convert your website traffic into inbound sales call as studies show that telephone calls are highly effective boosting the sales. One of the most effective ways of creating sales is to get the customers to know your brand and you up, close and personal and that happens when they visit your website and find it easy to contact you over the phone if needed.

So have a look at some musings below, which can help you steer potential customers towards your website and engaging them the way it works.

Top-Notch Call-to-Action Mechanism

Call-to-action is a buzzword that is gaining phenomenal importance in the business world. It is basically all about getting your target audience to act as you desire, which can translate into getting potential customers to visit your website and feel induced to contact you.

Eye-catching clickable buttons, icons and visuals are tools should be such the one who visits your website and clicks on them feels that there’s something exciting inside.

It’s important to note that CTAs are crafted well, seem appealing in every way and have an element of trustworthiness. The next phase is call-to-actions taking the visitor to the landing page on which data about them can be collected, which ultimately turn into leads.

Thus, such a click-to-call button on your website can do wonders in generating inbound sales calls. They should be easily visible to the visitors so that they find it convenient to reach out to you.

Go Mobile-Friendly

By now, it’s a proven fact that communication and conducting business through mobile phones is the next biggest thing. More and more people are relying exclusively on their high-end phones to carry out business tasks, including accessing websites.

Presenting your website by optimising it for mobile phones will ensure ease of navigation and action, which will magnify your customer traffic. Reformat your website,  rehash the visuals like ‘click-to-call’ buttons and other components so that it’s easy for customers to find their way around to locate the product/ service they want and call you should a need arise.

Your mobile search traffic also needs a makeover as more and more number of inbound calls are now routed through mobile phones. also, it has been noted that companies that put up contact number on their websites get a significantly more number of calls, which naturally translate into inbound calls and eventually, a business opportunity.

Give Emphasis to Online Customer Support

Let potential customers feel that for you, hearing them out is a priority. Invest in well-organized online customer services for unhindered connectivity, arrange for web calls, online web chat and other means which will make customers feel an instant connection with you.

At the same time, they give you an insight into what goes into the entire process of making a purchase right from the beginning to the final stage- that of the sale taking place. It will help you gauge what works and elevate your marketing strategies.

Channel Inbound Sales Calls the Smart Way

It’s also important for you to know where you are getting maximum inbound calls from as it will help you fine tune your marketing processes and meet the needs of customers better.

Having an idea about which social media platform is yielding the highest number of customers for your website will go a long way in letting you draw up an effective marketing plan.

You can let latest technology pertaining to maximising and channelling inbound calls like interactive voice response solutions such as text-to-speech aid your efforts to convert these visits into concrete calls.

Taking professional services of freelance SEO consultant will give a definitive enhancement to your business. Explore what freelance digital marketing services can do to help you translate your website traffic into inbound sales call and see your business touch new heights.

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