Business Marketing
How to optimize and social media marketing for your travel agency
The Internet helps a lot in creating that choice, but most people limit their options to the sites that emerge on the first page of search results. That leaves several options for travel agencies social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising as well as arduous SEO. The latter, when performing right, makes for an influential long-term marketing...
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How I Marketed my Small Business Effectively Without Breaking the Bank
I used to think that in order to get ahead in business – I needed to spend a lot on marketing. So naturally, when I started my first venture, I thought that I needed to employ the services of one of those expensive local marketing firms. The thing was – I was wrong. Money was...
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How Restaurants can Rank on Page One of Google Without a Website
Scaling dizzying heights like a chartbuster song on page one of Google without a website is no cake walk, it’s all the more challenging if you are in the restaurant business, an area in which competition, innovation and the ability to grab the eye and minds of foodies matters supremely. Having a website for your...
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